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About The “International Gemological Institute”
Light of Venus offers you I.G.I’s:
  • Diamond Reports from the World’s only ISO9001:2000 Certified Diamond Laboratory!
  • Choice of viewing a Diamond’s I.G.I. Report before buying it!
  • I.G.I. Certified Diamonds from 0.15carats up to 2.25 carats!
International Gemological Institute Sample Certificates

  • International Gemological Institute or I.G.I. is a Diamond, colored stone and jewelry certification organization.
  • I.G.I. is headquartered in Antwerp and has offices in many cities around the world like New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles, etc.
  • Established in 1975, I.G.I. is one of the largest independent gemological laboratories in the world.
  • I.G.I. has the only international certification lab controlled by one central governing body that adheres to one internationally accepted system for Diamond grading.
  • It is one of the few Institutes to be ISO (International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2000) certified in four countries.

Questions asked by our shoppers:

Q: “What is the difference between a G.I.A. Diamond Report and an I.G.I. report?”

Ans: Regarding the certificate itself, the differences are minimal, with both offering more or less same information. But regarding the authenticity of the tests conducted on the Diamonds, most believe a G.I.A. report to be more accurate, but it is more of a personal choice than experience.

Q: “So can I be sure of an I.G.I. report?”

Ans: Yes! You can be totally assured with an I.G.I. Diamond Certificate; it is one of the biggest and highly consistent laboratories in the world.

Q: “Can I view the I.G.I. certificate of one of your Diamonds before buying it?”

Ans: Yes! You can certainly view the I.G.I. certificate of our Diamonds before you buy your ring. Simply click on ‘view certificate’ to view the actual certificate of that Diamond.

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